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Floating Pet Fur Catcher
Floating Pet Fur Catcher
Floating Pet Fur Catcher
Floating Pet Fur Catcher
Floating Pet Fur Catcher
Floating Pet Fur Catcher

Floating Pet Fur Catcher

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Keep Your Washing Hair-Free
This Catcher Grabs Excess Pet Hair & Lint!

New standard and high-efficiency washers, both front loading and top loading promise to be self-cleaning so they don't have a removable, cleanable lint filter. However, pet hair and lint are not washed out of the machine with the clothes so easily. Much of the pet hair is simply re-deposited back in the machine and reappears in the next cycle. So it is vital to equip your washer with a lint and hair remover. And the best solution is the Floating Pet Fur Catcher!

The Floating Pet Fur Catcher grabs excess lint and pet hair into the netSimply toss it in the washer and it floats right on top effectively preventing pet hair from depositing on your clothing. It is designed to be reusable for up to 1,000 loads of wash!


  • Collects excess pet hair and lint into the net.
  • Easy to use.
  • Stops lint from clogging laundry tub or sink.
  • Reusable.
  • Perfect for those who have fluffy pets.
  • Recommended buying 2 or more for washer capacity larger than 7kg.


  • Material: Polyester + PE + EVA
  • Size: 14 x 9.5 cm
  • Weight: 35g


  • 1 x Floating Pet Fur Catcher
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Beverly B.
Game Changer.

I wasn’t sure about these, but after adopting a dog everything we own is covered in dog hair. This picture is of some microfiber cleaning cloths that can’t have fabric softener added to the wash, and no sheets to the dryer. They had already gone through the wash once, and that is the hair and lint left on them. So hair is a HUGE pain, and I need the things I use to clean to be clean. These lint catchers saved me a TON of time picking all of the hair off. 10/10 HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Nate D.
Good Lint Catchers!!

I don’t know about the durability yet, because I just got it. But I believe it will last me a great amount of time because it’s good quality. I tried it today since I was washing clothes a couple of times, and it worked just fine. Also the seller/cuatomer service is very good. They reply promptly to emails. And delivery was fast.

Lauren S.
Your washing machine needs these

Wow I did not realize how much crap is on our clothes! I know the dryer catches lint, but these caught all kinds of stuff - little crap that can clog up the washing machine. Worth it!

Courtney C.

Works way better then expected. I live in an apartment and I have been washing my clothes in my tiny portable washer for about a month. I never realized how much cat hair I wasn't getting out of my clothes until this thing!

Meredith F.
These traps catch a surprising amount of lint, no problems with durability. Definitely recommend!

These lint traps are very handy and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much lint and pet hair they catch in my top load washing machine. I bought a single trap two years ago and was so satisfied with its performance that I came back and bought four more in this four-pack. I have not had the issue several other reviewers mention about the tops breaking or separating. I am careful to add them to my machine last and I make sure that the foam tops are settled flat on the top of my laundry inside, and I haven’t had a problem with one breaking. I have sung the praises of these traps to friends and family who also have pets, and I will probably buy a few sets as Christmas gifts this year. No joke—these are that practical and that helpful that I will be wrapping them and sticking them under the tree.