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FreezySnow Foam Cannon
FreezySnow Foam Cannon
FreezySnow Foam Cannon
FreezySnow Foam Cannon
FreezySnow Foam Cannon
FreezySnow Foam Cannon
FreezySnow Foam Cannon
FreezySnow Foam Cannon
FreezySnow Foam Cannon
FreezySnow Foam Cannon
FreezySnow Foam Cannon
FreezySnow Foam Cannon
FreezySnow Foam Cannon
FreezySnow Foam Cannon

FreezySnow Foam Cannon

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The days of the garden hose and sudsy bucket are over. To give your car a professional-level cleaning at home, what you need is a pressure washer and a foam cannon attachment.

A foam cannon attaches to a pressure washer to dispense a thick, powerful foam that will blast away dirt and grime without any risk of damaging your car’s exterior. Plus, it can cut the time it takes to wash your car in half.

Turn The DIRTIEST Car Shiny New Instantly!

By Pre-Washing With FreezySnow Foam Cannon

  • Brass Foam Nozzle - Used thicker and heavier brass core for durable and leak-free application. Perfectly works with home-use pressure washers.
  • Heavy-duty foam core - make the foam more dense and thick.

  • Adjustable spray pattern - Change foam dispensing amount and spray nozzle for accurate mixing and foam generation.
  • Wide Neck Design - Pour soap liquid to a bottle easily, no waste.

Various Adapter To Fit ANY Pressure Washer!

Snow Blast Stubborn Dirt & Stains Away. Give It A Clean & Shiny Outlook Instantly! 

Use to clean your car by emitting foam. Simple to operate and guarantee to have a professional foam jetting effect. 

Wipe Clean & Let It SHINE!

The professional choice for guys who love cars.
It provides the best care for your car.
Maintain a flawless shiny finish but never scratch the car paint.

Effectively Clean HUGE vehicles...
Greasy Floors Stains...
Windows & more!

Ideal for your car, trucks, motorcycle, even for washing floors, windows, siding, driveways, and roofs.

Turns car washing into a weekly ritual. Used By Car Wash Specialist Worldwide!


  • Material: HDPE Bottle, Brass Nozzle, Nylon Cover     
  • Volume: 0.6 L
  • Pressure Range: Max 160bar/ 2320psi


  • 1pc. FreezySnow Foam Cannon

Available Adapter Options:

  • Option A - For Karcher K-Series pressure washer (Adapter material: Metal)
  • Option B - For Karcher K-Series pressure washer (Adapter material: Plastic)
  • Option C - For AR Blue Clean/ Black Decker / Michelin / some of Interskol/ some of Greenworks/ Makita /  Mac Allister / Most of Bosch pressure washer
  • Option D - For Elitech/ Some of Interskol / YILI / Some of Huter/ Some of Patriot/ Daewoo/ Bort / Pressure Joe / Sun Joe pressure washer
  • Option E - For Nilfisk / STIHL / HUSQVARNA / Gerni / Some of Greenworks pressure washer
  • Option F - For Lavor /  Some of Hammer Flex / some of Interskol / Sterwins / Vax / some of Champion / Craftsman / Briggs Stratton pressure washer
  • Option G - For some of Huter / Anlu / Kolner pressure washer
  • Option H - For some of Bosch (old) / Greenworks US / Husky / Portland / Some of Hammer Flex pressure washer
  • Option I - For Kranzle / BOSCH GHP / Water gun with M22-Female pressure washer
  • Option J - 1/4" Quick Plug, which is a popular connector in North America
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    Rey V.
    I like this product!

    Did a great job laying down a thick coat of soap over the car. I'm happy with it.

    Miggy R.
    This is exactly what I want!

    I used to always go to the car wash because of their foam cannons. For the price I paid for this, I'll be saving a ton on car washes. This foam cannon is smooth and the foam falls like a snowfall. Evenly coats the whole car. I let it sit for a few minutes to give it time to eat away at all the contaminates and grime on your paintjob. Then i spray it off and it looks fantastic. I've been looking for these foam cannons for a while, and finally decided on this one. Quality is top notch!

    Tyrone A.

    It works amazingly well and fully covers the vehicle in a blanket of suds. The foam cannon is very solid and feels like it is well engineered and well built.

    Peter I.
    Great deal!

    I got this to wash my own vehicle and this foamer makes it super easy. I really like the quality of the bottle and the foamer. It works as intended, this is a good deal.

    Clarkson D.
    Nice product!

    A great accessory for your power washer, its built with great durability of the nozzle and foams really nicely. This product works better than expected with my power washer. Would highly recommend and repurchase.