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Motorcycle Comfort Seat
Motorcycle Comfort Seat
Motorcycle Comfort Seat
Motorcycle Comfort Seat
Motorcycle Comfort Seat
Motorcycle Comfort Seat
Motorcycle Comfort Seat
Motorcycle Comfort Seat

Motorcycle Comfort Seat

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Boost Your Motorbiking Experience With The Most Comfortable Seat!

Let’s Face It... Bike Seats Aren’t All That Comfy. As a Biker, You Know the Aches and Pains Of Riding All Too Well. Our Motorcycle Comfort Seat will Minimise Annoying Bumps and Vibrations that Plague All Bikers and Make Your Rides Comfortable Like Never Before! These cushions provide an additional layer of padding in-between you and the seat and will completely change your motorbiking experience!


  • COMFORT LIKE NEVER BEFORE- Ultra-soft air pocket technology significantly reduces pressure on your bottom and backside to make for comfortable, painless and injury-free riding in the long-term.
  • RIDE FOR LONGER, MUCH LONGER- We've all experienced that moment when riding - your bottom and backside are so soared that riding is no longer a pleasure. Well... Thanks to the AirSeat now you can double or even triple your ride time because let's face it. Who doesn't want to ride all day? Especially if it's pain-free!
  • PREVENT INJURIES: Studies show that in just 1 hour of riding, the rider is exposed to vibrations comparable to that of a tractor operator for as much as half a day of fieldwork. The AirSeat reduces shocks and vibrations to ensure a smooth ride all the time - thus you're no longer exposed to the pressure that could lead to injuries.
  • ADJUST FOR PERFECT COMFORT: Fill the AirSeat up to max capacity-place, then sit on it and slowly open the air valve to release air as you move around on the pad slowly until you reach your ideal comfort level.
  • NO PUMP NEEDED TO INFLATE:  You can easily inflate it by blowing into the valve. We recommend using as little air as possible to achieve the greatest results - Just enough to keep you above the seat.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Its easy installation makes It even more amazing. The AirSeat can be installed on any motorcycle. No tools at required! Just place it on top of your existing seat or for some motorcycles you may require to detach your seat and then attach the AirSeat.
  • FITS MOST MOTORCYCLE MODEL: The universal design allows it to be fitted to 99% of motorcycles. The AirSeat's design is engineered to cushion your bottom when sitting, so don't worry if the shape is not accurate and exactly like your bike seat.


  • Material: TPU + Lycra.
  • Size: 40x35cm
  • Color: Black


  • 1 x Motorcycle Comfort Seat
  • 1 x Air Pump
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Cedric V.
looks great

Very Comfortable.. road with it for an extended amount of time.. not like the others i have tried and didn't like. this one was comfortable.. was study on the bike. your Butt didn't swish left or right like the other ones did. made u feel like you didn't have control of the bike.. but this one was good.

Walter P.
Great product

I took a 400 mile trip a month ago and then again this past week after buying the seat pad. What a huge difference in my comfort level. I was able to ride much longer stretches of road without needing a break. I with the straps were a little bigger so that I could move it more to the center of my seat but it's a great product.

George S.
Fits nicely on my Mustang solo seat

Fits nicely on my Mustang solo seat. It was hard to spend over 400.00 on a seat only to have to spend another 80 on a pad to put over it. That being said....It does offer just enough to take the pressure off my boney ass. I like it.

Johanna R.
Love this seat!!

Two years ago I broke my tailbone. Sitting has been unpleasant ever since. Riding on a motorcycle has been, at times, excruciating. I previously bought an air cushion, but since I lean forward while riding, (to try to keep pressure off my tailbone), the air would move to the back of the cushion, pushing on my tailbone, and defeating the whole purpose. I decided to try this cushion, in the hopes it would bring some relief. It was amazing! I wear a TENS unit while riding, and the longer I ride, the higher I have to set it. I often have to turn it as high as it goes, and I still have pain. While using this gel seat, I didn't have to turn the TENS up at all! In fact, I made a point of not stopping so often, so I could really test how well the cushion works. When I got home, my butt was tired, but my tailbone was fine! I can't wait to try this out on an even longer ride. I won't be the one everybody has to stop for, anymore! Now, if only I could find something like this for my desk at work!

Rodrigo B.
Comfort for the long rides

A great substitute for the AirHawk,