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Pin Art 3D Sculpture Toy
Pin Art 3D Sculpture Toy
Pin Art 3D Sculpture Toy
Pin Art 3D Sculpture Toy
Pin Art 3D Sculpture Toy
Pin Art 3D Sculpture Toy
Pin Art 3D Sculpture Toy
Pin Art 3D Sculpture Toy
Pin Art 3D Sculpture Toy
Pin Art 3D Sculpture Toy
Pin Art 3D Sculpture Toy
Pin Art 3D Sculpture Toy

Pin Art 3D Sculpture Toy

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 Possibilities are endless, so use your imagination and go wild 😃

Get creative and think about all the endless possible molds that you can display with Pin Art 3D Sculpture Toy 🤪! Simply put pressure on the pins and watch as it molds. Once your mold is complete, display it for everyone to see. You can place it on your desk or around your house to display your magnificent art 🏠!


  • The Pin art is a great way to show off your artistic side by creating 3D sculptures of anything you like 🤩
  • It works by simply pushing against the metal pins with any object or parts of your body, then it will leave an incredibly detailed impression of the image
  • 😍It also allows for a diverse way of approaching and manipulating the metal pins


  • 🕰The pins are fitted into a sturdy plastic frame that is both lightweight and durable
  • It will not hurt your skin, safe for both kids and adults 👨‍👦.
  • Pin Art is endlessly entertaining & fun, allows you to make countless patterns instead of working!


  • The feeling of the smooth pins against your hand will awaken your physical senses as well as stimulate your brain activity 🧠
  • Allowing calmness to wash over you and stress to disappear
  • 😙Take some time out to quiet the anxieties in your mind and focus on the task at hand


  • 💡If you're sick of that gadget in your child's hand, this toy is the perfect way to inspire imagination and hands-on learning
  • It can help enhance the focus in kids as they develop their imaginative minds through the discovery of items used
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦It can be used for fun learning with friends and family, fun entertainment in the car, and even for math and science learning



  • Material: ABS + Metal Pin
  • Sizes: S (10X13CM), M (12X17CM), L (15X20CM)


  • 1 x Pin Art 3D Sculpture Toy
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Amanda V.
Better than seeing them playing with their gadgets!

Keeps my 8 year old entertained; creative, innovative and gets them off the computer and laptop.

Charice J.
Very entertaining!

It is very entertaining and enjoyable to use. I bought this for my daughter and she loved it so much!

Marie K.
Great for those who have sensory issues!

I bought this for my son who has autism. He has lots of sensory issues and can be very difficult to buy for. Well, he absolutely loves this. He likes the color and the feel. As he is bouncing on his exercise ball, playing on the computer, he has the pin art sitting on his desk with his hand on it making different designs.

Eliza A.
My kids are facinated with this toy!

It appeals to young children as it seems to make magic images and fascinates them

Dulce C.
Great toy!

My son loves this. Lots of fun times making differents shapes. He first used at his Montessori preschool and now in 4th he still loves these. Bought this for Christmas!