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Pipe Inner Brush
Pipe Inner Brush
Pipe Inner Brush
Pipe Inner Brush
Pipe Inner Brush
Pipe Inner Brush
Pipe Inner Brush
Pipe Inner Brush
Pipe Inner Brush
Pipe Inner Brush
Pipe Inner Brush
Pipe Inner Brush

Pipe Inner Brush

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Clean Your Dryer Vent Easily!

Maintaining a dryer vent is important to reduce drying time, improve dryer performance, and reduce the risk of fire caused by the lint that builds up over time in the closed dryer transition duct and vent hood! The Pipe Inner Brush has 6 flexible poles that allow you to attach it to any power drill and perform the cleaning effortlessly! The extended brush reaches up to 12 feet, allowing you to effectively brush off the lint, stains, and other things that may clog your dryer vent.


    Includes a high-quality synthetic brush head and 6 durable rods that extend up to 12 feet.
    This efficient dryer vent brush can be used with or without a power drill and will help you achieve professional results.
    Removing lint build-up from your dryer duct helps reduce drying time and improves dryer's performance while extending the life of your dryer.
    Easy to use with simple instructions, this dryer vent cleaning kit delivers superior results and will help you prevent costly repairs.
    Lint buildup can be dangerous and can potentially cause a fire, remove lint from your dryer periodically to prevent dryer fires. Clean the lint filter before or after every load can avoid unnecessary danger.


  • Material: Nylon


  • 1 x Pipe Inner Brush
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Amado P.
Works well!

Product worked great for removing the birds out of my bath vent hose. Vent fan to the outside of house was roughly 8 feet so this worked great without all the extensions. I have used a fixed length unit before which is a pain, being able to add and remove length makes getting in into and out of the vent a snap. Used it with a power drill to "sweep" out the vent.

Oliver A.
Great value!

I got this for my parents. To my knowledge, they had never cleaned out their dryer vent duct (that’s over 30 years of crud). It worked just as advertised. I don’t understand why other versions of this are double and triple the price. I deliberately purchased this product because it was one of the more inexpensive options. I’m completely satisfied with this purchase!

Jack O.
Easy to use! Recommended!

The last time I hired someone to come clean the dryer vent I spent $200. I did not realize how easy it would be for me to do it myself with this tool. It extends all the way to the top of of my one story home reaching the vent on my roof. The photo included is the first pass. The 2nd and 3rd pass were dramatically larger piles. This thing probably prevented a fire from starting in my house and I'm glad to have found it, and to have found a high quality one at that.

Liam P.
Must buy!

If you have a dryer vent that attaches to duct work this is a great tool!! I bought a house that the dryer had about 2 inches of lint in the trap you are suppose to empty after every load. When I tried to dry towels I would have to put them through 3 80 minute cycles. I used this today. Used an electric drill and retrieved a 13 gallon trash bag full of lint from the duct work. Now only takes 40 minutes to dry a load of towels. Easy to use. Easy to put together. Works extremely well. Will be taking to family members homes to do their vents as well. Poles are very flexible and will curve to conform to any elbows you may have in your duct work. I imagine you could use this to clean your HVAC duct work too. I will be trying that later on.

Marco G.
Does the job amazingly!

Our dryer vent pipe travels through the laundry room wall and about 15-ft through the garage to an exterior wall. Cleaning it has always been a much dreaded and very messy chore involving separating the pipe sections and cleaning them individually with a brush. Not going to lie--we still dread the job, but the ZLZH rods & brush head make it so much easier. We didn't have to attach it to a drill; simple back-and-forth motions and a bit of hand rotation did an outstanding job of cleaning the vent pipe. The rods thread together securely and allowed us to clean the pipe quickly and without having to completely disassemble it. Previously we waited until the dryer efficiency was dropping off as our signal to grit our teeth and clean the damn vent before the house went up in flames, but this system was so easy that we swore to just put the job on the calendar.