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Small DIY Polishing Machine
Small DIY Polishing Machine
Small DIY Polishing Machine
Small DIY Polishing Machine
Small DIY Polishing Machine
Small DIY Polishing Machine
Small DIY Polishing Machine
Small DIY Polishing Machine
Small DIY Polishing Machine
Small DIY Polishing Machine
Small DIY Polishing Machine
Small DIY Polishing Machine

Small DIY Polishing Machine

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This machine is what every DIYer needs!

This is a Small DIY Polishing Machine; mini portable, low noise, can be used for a high-speed steel drill bit for rough grinding, blade edging, fine grinding tungsten steel turning tool, polishing Bodhi root, and many more.

With a speed of 4500-9000rpm, this mini polishing machine has high precision and sturdy materials. And the table angle can be adjusted freely to suit the needs of a specific work-piece. A sturdy workbench provides a reliable source of support for your work-piece.

The eccentric adjustment wheel is designed to adjust the verticality of the belt. The belt adjustment wheel has a spring structure that automatically adjusts the tightness. Easy to install and operate, your new home DIY tool!


  • Workbench freely adjustable angle.
  • Built-in double bearing, dustproof, non-slip design.
  • Add a word chute to the slave adjustment wheel.
  • Fine accessories, reasonable design, and high precision.
  • Eccentric adjustment wheel to adjust the verticality of the sand belt.
  • Fine workmanship, reasonable design, motor fan outlet, attention to detail.
  • Complete CNC machining center processing with high precision and full use of materials.
  • Abrasive belt adjustment wheel with spring structure inside, automatic adjustment of elastic.


  • Color: Silver.
  • Size: 18.5 x 15 x 13 cm.
  • Material: High material alloy.


  • 1 x Small DIY Polishing Machine.
  • 1 x 7-speed regulating power supply.
  • 10 x Matching strip.

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      Randy Y.
      Very handy

      Good little belt sander . Was hesitant to buy because of small size , but performs beautifully. It is only for small light work , which it does very well . Like the different speed settings. Hard to find really fine grit belts . I’m sure they are out there somewhere .

      Fred P.
      Powerful little monster

      This is smaller than expected, although didn’t really know what to expect. This is a great little machine, recommend to by some belts from a good manufacturer and cut the width down yourself.

      Mark W.
      Compact and easy to use.

      I make jewelry and have used much larger belt sanders to refine my work. What I like about this machine is that it’s small enough to fit on my bench and fairly quiet. Much quieter than my other larger machines. I like the fact that is has a bed so that I can sand my work at right angles. Another nice feature is that changing the belts is very easy. By pushing down on one of the belt tensioners ( its spring loaded) I can easily loosen a belt and replace it. Don’t expect to do large work on this machine but for smaller’s perfect! I’m very happy with it!

      Craig R.
      More useful than I had anticipated

      Compact and powerful, I use it every day. I have it hooked up to a PWM speed control and it works brilliantly.

      Mico J.
      Surprisingly precise and tight. A good buy

      I have inky sharpened 7 knives so far. The motor seems great. The pulleys and bearings are precise, no wobble no shake. Easy to change belts. I removed the small table in order to have more belt exposed so I can sharpen larger (wider) knives, this is a small machine. A steady hand and watchful eye and this tight little machine (with prooer grit belts) will serve very well for putting a keen edge on knives that yoy can make fit. Much, much faster than honing on stones by hand with results as good. Well worth the money so far, even more so if it holds up which I have no indication to the contrary.